Field Day 2020 report by Chris, N9MMR:

K9PC was well represented at Field Day 2020!

W9MDM and N9TAX set up a Class A club station site for Field Day 2020. A generator kept us independent of commercial power mains and provided all the electrons needed to keep K9PC radios “On Air”.

N9TAX set up a 33-foot-tall inflatable tower, a Carolina Windom off-center-fed dipole, and a 600 watt station running all HF bands, with focus on 20M, 40M, 80M. N9TAX was logging contacts every 15 minutes while assisting others in Field Day operations.
KD9NSC set up a 100 watt station running 6M SSB, 6M FT8, 10M SSB and 10M FT8. He was using the N9MMR special double bazooka coaxial dipole antennas hand built from scratch the morning of Field Day. With some help from N9TAX, N9IAA, and W9MDM we tuned up the 6M and 10M dipoles and worked stations all over the United States. KD9NSC secured our only international contact in St. Lucia using FT8 on 10M. N9IAA jumped on 6M SSB and made a few contacts with stations in North and West Texas during an amazing 6M band opening. KD9NSC also secured some contacts on DMR using the Indiana Statewide talk group.

We had many bands and many modes covered for Field Day 2020. It was great to see our K9PC station come together and make numerous contacts!

Many reminisced of old times with fun amateur radio stories late into the night. The vast wealth of radio knowledge was handed down from our Elmers to the younger generations. Plans have already begun for Field Day 2021 to make the K9PC 1A IN site even better!

Special thanks to all those that helped support Field Day 2020, and let us not forget all the Silent Keys helping guide our radio waves from above.


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