As many of you know, we just held the first Ham Cram session in several years this past Saturday at MAAC. We had 19 register originally, and 17 showed up for class.

First, thanks to Joe N9TAX and Matt W9MDM for all of the work that goes into preparing for and running one of these sessions. To take a group of people from zero to “ready to take the tech exam” in 8 hours is pretty intense. Also thanks to Tavas KD9NSC for creating the registration form on the website and for helping with promotions.

We had three students that had to bail before the exams, and they said they’d come to our regular Saturday session to take the test.

Jack N9ITB and myself would also like to thank our team of VE’s that came out – Kurt AK9RT, Allan KA9EFD, James KC9KTV, John KC9AFE, and Carl N9IFD. We worked through a pile of tests in short order.

2 did not pass this time, but promised to keep at it and come back on a Saturday. The others all passed, so welcome to a wonderful hobby. Many of them just joined this list and hopefully will join us for meetings and activities. It’s exciting to see the club grow.

We also bought a Quansheng UV-K6 HT and pre-loaded it with a code plug that Tavas, KD9NSC built. Everyone there got a ticket and when we were done, we had a drawing for it. I will deliver it to the winner tonight on my way home from work.

See everyone on the 5th!