ARRL Field Day 2023

Ok we need to get the count together for meat for Lunch/Dinner Saturday and Breakfast for Sunday Morning that the club is providing, please bring a side for these meals if you plan on attending and reply to the group with what you are bringing so we don’t have a ton of the same things for sides. As for Friday night /Saturday Morning please bring cash to throw in on whatever we decide to do if you are around for those two meals.

So far we have heard from the following people, please reply if if you plan on attending next weekend and respond with what meals you will be here for so we can get the proper count for meat. Please reply by Thursday so that I can get the shopping done.

Joe and Company
Matt Lasayko
Jeff Kluff

Field Day Plan
It’s June 23-25 this year.

We have once again been invited to set up and operate at Joe Krajacic N9TAX and Brandie W9BLK’s place, located at 648 S. 300 W in Hebron, IN.

We will be setting up the tents and grills Friday evening after 5PM, and anyone who wants to set up and hang out/camp out is welcome to join.

Officially, the event starts at Noon on Saturday the 24th, so if you want to set up Saturday morning, you are welcome to do that as well. Feel free to bring a radio or any antennas you want to try out.

Past experience has shown that things start to wind down around 2AM on Sunday.

Everyone is invited – non-ham spouses, friends, kids. Come and stay as long as you want.

The food plan that’s been discussed is that everyone brings a side dish or dessert to share, and the club will supply the meat for lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Items for breakfast on Sunday. If you have any specific requirements for grill stuff outside of burgers/dogs/brats or the like, feel free to bring your own and toss it on the grill.

While we will all operate under the club call of K9PC, we’re not really contesters and this is more of a social event and a chance to get out and operate somewhere outside of the house. If you have friends who have shown an interest in ham radio feel free to bring them. Someone will be happy to show them what it’s all about.

Google or Apple maps finds Joe’s house just fine. If you have any issues we will try to be monitoring the PCARC 146.775 – PL131.8 repeater. Please park in the front yard on the right side of the driveway forward of the lilac bush. That’s all for now!