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_____ $12.00 Single Membership         

_____ $6.00 Student or Senior Citizen  

_____ $18.00 Family Membership         

What office would you be willing to hold, if called upon to do so?    


If family membership, include the names (and calls) of your family.




Please make checks payable to PCARC.
Send to PCARC at PO Box 1061, Valparaiso, IN 46384

Regular membership: $12.00 Includes full use of all repeaters.
Family membership: $18.00 A family is defined as a man and woman and any minor children they may have still living with them.
Junior membership: $6.00 A junior is defined as age 18 and under or if a full time student, 21 and under.
Senior membership: $6.00 A senior is defined as age 65 and over, or if retired, 55 and over.